Interpreting The Trend: Beige Nails

You can’t open a beauty blog or magazine these days without seeing the latest craze in nail polish: the gray/beige nail. This trend was started by Chanel for the Spring 2010 runway with a color they call Particuliere #505.  Other nail polish lines have followed suit with their copycat versions, including OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.  I have resisted the trend mostly because the shade would not flatter me.  However, I have recently discovered a cafe au lait color I adore and plan to wear all spring and maybe into the summer.  It is OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona.  I am modeling it here for your viewing pleasure (wink).  Barefoot in Barcelona does not have the drama of Chanel’s Particuliere; however, it is the right shade for me and it pairs perfectly with my springtime fashions.

In my New Year’s newsletter, I gave you 5 style resolutions, one of them about interpreting the trends. This is the perfect example of interpreting a trend. I am putting my own twist on the spring’s funky neutral nail polish to suit my personal style.  Dish…  What will be your go-to nail color this spring?

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3 thoughts on “Interpreting The Trend: Beige Nails

  1. I must try! I LOVE nail polish. I got hooked on navy blue for the winter (thanks to you) so I am looking for another neutral color for the spring.

    1. Ok so I just got some and I have to say i was a little scared to by the sade it looks a boring but on it looks fab! Thanks again for the “trend” up-date.

  2. acrylic nail polish are the best stuff that you can use when polishing your nails.**

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