Read My Coral Lips

I love makeup.  I make no secret of that fact.  Most people are able to discern this about me within minutes of meeting me as I always wear a full face of makeup whether I am going to a luncheon or simply working from home all day.  As much as I love makeup and enjoy experimenting with new techniques, I get in a makeup rut now and then.  Lately, I have been playing it safe, choosing just the right tones and shades for my personal coloring, nothing dramatic.  Snooooze.  Where is the rule-breaking rebel in me?  I’m happy to announce she is back, and she is sporting a bright coral lip for spring! *Smack* At the risk of getting into a new makeup rut, this my “spring” face: nude eyes, bronze cheeks and a coral lip. To get my dramatic lip, try YSL’s Golden Gloss #5 Golden Copper.

Your turn. What will you do differently this spring to shake up your look?  A new handbag? New hair color or cut? Test-driving a new wardrobe style? Whatever it is you’d like to try, consider this the time to do it. Spring is about newness and fresh beginnings.  Do tell what’s new with you!

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