Overrated: Acting Your Age

Many of you know my age, but if you were meeting me for the first time, would you accurately guess it?  Time after time I’m told I look younger than my calendar years.  God bless you!  Other than taking great care of your body and your skin, one of the keys to looking younger than your years is to avoid dressing your age.  Allow me to explain.

I am often asked about age-appropriateness when it comes to clothing, makeup and hairstyle.  I believe you can look chic and current at any age.  There is no reason why someone must dress ‘old’ regardless of their age.  One should never give up on style. ‘Old’ dressing paints a graphic picture in my head of mu-mu dresses and orthopedic shoes. Not on my watch, sister!

Here’s how not to look old:  add a touch of youth to every outfit.  I whole-heartedly believe certain styles are best worn by certain age groups.  However, if you add a youthful color to your ensemble or wear an accessory that harks back to your younger years, you will most assuredly throw the hounds off your tracks.  No one will ever guess your age.  Don’t go overboard.  Notice I said to add ‘a touch of youth.’  A mom in her daughter’s outfit will always look like a mom in her daughter’s outfit.  Learn to use a light touch when adding youth to your look.


For your viewing pleasure, I am modeling my favorite spring / summer handbag.  It is a simple cotton bag that could be carried by a young woman at least half my age.  But I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it.  I wasn’t sure how I’d make it work, but I was willing to give it a try.  My trick when I carry it is to balance the look by toning down the rest of my outfit and making sure everything else is age-appropriate.  A little bit goes a long way.

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