Getting Ready In Style

Consider this: how you dress while preparing to get dressed is just as important as what you wear when you go out.  HUH?!  That’s right.  Your robe, slippers, and other things you put on first thing every day set the tone for your day.  Now that I’ve made you aware of the importance of looking your best when you walk out the door, it is only natural I would guide you towards looking your best during the process.  All the nice little things you do for yourself at home create the right mindset for putting together a great outfit and feeling your best throughout the day.

Do you have any pampering goodies in your shower like a yummy sugar scrub or a moisturizing hair mask?  If not, gather a few things for your shower that will provide a boost and make you feel like you are worthy of indulgences.

All the things that may seem very small add up to helping your day go well all day long!

I ask a new client how they feel about their lounge and bedroom clothing.  I ask the question because it is IMPORTANT.  You may not dress the same at home as you would at a luncheon, but I want your personal style to be evident in all things that grace your frame.

Next time you get ready, do it in style!

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