True Beauty

You know when you were younger your mom (or someone close to you) told you that you are beautiful and you brushed off the compliment because you felt they had to say that because they love you?  Well here is the cold hard truth from me, your image consultant: you ARE beautiful.  I want you to discover your signature style, and that’s not going to be possible without the acceptance of your uniqueness.  Your differences and the fact that you look like no one else in the history of the universe attest to your beauty.  If you were created with such care and individuality, how could you not be?

I am more energized and excited about my life than I have been in many years, if ever.  Much of that has to do with the realization of the beauty and purpose all around me – and the potential!  It feels like I’m on a treasure hunt: What’s around the next corner?  I don’t know.  Let’s find out!  With all this new-found energy, I find it enervating to hear others belittle themselves, blind to their own beauty and finding all they perceive as wrong with the picture.  Stop that!

Easy for you to say, you might tell me.  If you have been seeing yourself in a negative light for years, it might be difficult to find a way to stop.  Here’s one way.  (Disclaimer: This might seem corny, but try it.  It does work.)  Start every day looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself five things you love about you.  At least one of those things has to be something you love about your appearance.  Repeat this exercise every morning.  Change the list or add to it, but always find five good things to say about yourself.  This exercise starts your day on a positive note and it begins the process of changing your mindset.  You will begin to see all that is right rather than the things you perceive as not right.

Go on, gorgeous, don’t be shy. Give it a try!

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1 thought on “True Beauty

  1. I will try this, I tend to forget how pretty I am since my day is spent at home and it seems my life revolves around a little one 🙂

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