Purging the Closet on Vacation

I’m sure you have more than a few items in your closet you just can’t seem to part with.  You tell yourself you will give it one more season.  I might need it. Maybe I’ll wear it.  These are the little white lies we tell ourselves when we can’t let go of a cherished piece that is now past its prime or no longer has a place in one’s life.  As you’ve heard me say before, holding onto clothes that don’t fit, that are worn out or are no longer suited for you is like emotional baggage.  You can’t move forward when you are holding onto the past, and this includes your clothes.

Here’s an idea that might help you get rid of a few pieces here and there.  Take them on vacation with you and LEAVE them behind at the end.  That’s right, take a few ‘question mark’ pieces on a trip and give them one last hurrah, one last turn on the dance floor.  Then walk away and say goodbye.  Unless the piece is completely worn out, I guarantee it will find a good home in your vacation destination with someone who would like to take a turn with it.  An added bonus about this trick: it leaves more room in your suitcase for souvenirs – maybe something NEW for your wardrobe, perhaps!

I used this trick while on vacation last year in China.  I left behind a pair of khakis that were a mite too short and a pair of dusty lace-up leather walking shoes that had served me very well on several trips.  I just returned from a relaxing trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, and though I did not leave clothes at the resort, I put several items I wore on the trip into a donation bag in my closet once I returned.  Adios, amigos!  It makes complete sense, doesn’t it?  I have no regrets about giving these items away because I gave them one last time to serve me.  They have done their job.  It’s time to let someone else love them for a while.

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