Your Shoes – They Matter

Some of you know about my love of shoes.  Thus, it may surprise you to learn I have not always been into shoes. Up until about 8 years ago, I never paid them much attention (on myself).  I thought no one noticed my shoes.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I distinctly remember my oldest brother telling me when I was in my twenties how important shoes are and how telling they are about a person.  This struck me.  I was probably wearing a nondescript black or brown pair at the time, and I wondered what that said about me.  Several years later I was shopping with a friend who has great taste in shoes.  She was contemplating a pair of pumps for around $200, not necessarily a bank-breaking number but far more than I’d ever dreamt of spending on a single pair of shoes.  She asked me, “Is that too much to spend on shoes?”  I had to smile and laugh as I pointed to the $30 of sandals on my feet.  She laughed, too, and bought the shoes.  They looked fab on her.

So, why all the fuss about shoes?  In short, they set the tone for your entire outfit.  If you don’t believe me, picture a woman in a black cocktail dress wearing tennis shoes.  Alas, she need not don a pair of $200 pumps to look beautiful, but she should wear a pair that works with her dress and the occasion.  Hopefully, her shoes also say something about her personality.

One of my favorite Clinton Kelly quotes goes like this: “Accessories explain who you are as a person.”  I could not agree more.  This includes your shoes.  Look at your shoes, think about them.  Are your shoes scuffed and worn out?  If so, have them fixed or replace them.  Run down shoes ruin your look as quickly as ill-fitting clothes or wearing the wrong color.  You don’t have to be a shoe person to have great shoes.  Simply giving them more consideration and realizing they have an effect on your overall appearance should be enough motivation to raise the bar on your shoe collection.

Now get out there and find a few pairs that tell your story!

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