Guys – Your Trends & Your Classics

Gentlemen, I know deciphering the fashion landscape is tough, but then “they” go and change what’s in and what’s out every six months and it’s enough to make you throw up your hands in frustration.  Help has arrived.  First, below is a list of the Men’s Fall 2010 trends.  I know, it’s another “what’s in” list, but trust me, the styles for fall are worth knowing.  Plus, because designers showed many classic pieces, you may have several items lurking in your closet on this list.  No shopping required!

 Men’s Fall 2010 Trends

                Colors: spruce, mustard, orange, purple, gray, leafy green and black (naturally)

                Knits: oversized scarves, pullover sweaters, cardigans, sweater coats

                Outerwear: lots of leather, military coats and jackets, shearling, pea coats, long topcoats

                Layering, v-neck sweaters, trim pants, blazers, double-breasted jackets, velvet, quilted fabric

                Shoes: lace-up boots, army / combat boots

Trends are good to know, but they should never dictate your personal style.  I teach my clients to wear what they love and wear what works on their frame whether it’s a trend or not.  In other words, forge your own fashion path.

Investing in classic pieces that will serve you many years is the best way to stretch your wardrobe dollar.  Here’s my list of the classics each man should have in their wardrobe:

                A well-fitting suit (buy the best you can afford)

                A leather strap or metal watch (buy the best you can afford)

                A blazer or sport coat (much better with jeans than a suit jacket)

                Leather briefcase or messenger bag (look like you mean business)

                Plain loafers (black or brown depending upon your wardrobe)

                Cap-toe lace-up dress shoes (black is the most versatile)

                Long sleeve cotton button front shirts (tailor them to fit)

                Dark wash jeans (nothing baggy; tailor the length)

                All weather trench or top coat

Guys, looking great and stylish is not as tough as it looks.  If you need help navigating the fashion battlefield, give me a call.  I’d love to help you find the right mix of classics and trends to suit your lifestyle, your career and your personality.  Don’t take fashion too seriously, and always feel free to put your own twist on it.  That’s the definition of true style!

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