What’s the Difference?

Put twenty women in one room wearing the same black dress, and not one woman will look just like any other.  Why not?  What’s the difference?  The difference is in each woman’s styling of the little black dress.  Her hair will be different, her makeup will be unique and her accessories will reflect her personality.

I have had more than a few clients tell me they don’t want to look like everyone else.  Well, there’s really no way you will look like anyone else.  Here are a few reasons why.  It’s true that there are a finite number of stores in which to shop and select items in each, but you will never look like anyone else if for no other reason you do not physically look like anyone else in the entire universe.  Even identical twins have slight differences in their physical appearances.  When it comes to clothes and accessories, let’s assume you and I like to shop in the same store.  Most of the time we won’t shop at the same store at the same time.  Thus, we will see a different selection of clothing and accessories.  Second, we don’t generally like the same things.  Occasionally you may spot someone in a blouse or dress you own, but not often.  Third, we won’t put things together in the same combination.  I might have the same blouse as a friend and wear it with white slacks, a chain necklace and pumps.  She may pair it with a cardigan, a skirt and flats.  The styling of the blouse is completely different which keeps us from ‘looking like everyone else.’

Still not convinced?  If you are uber concerned about the ‘drone’ effect, shop in boutiques where the selection is smaller and there are fewer multiples of each item.  If you are brave enough to shop online, there are scads of cool, interesting sites filled with unique items none of your friends will find at the mall.  One of my favorites is Ruche.  Another great tip is to shop when you travel.  You will be exposed to a different selection and different stores.  I can’t tell you how many fantastic pieces I’ve found during my travels and I’ve never seen them on anyone else.  Further, there are always unique accessories at resale and vintage stores.  If I were a betting gal, I’d say you’ll never spot someone with the same bag, necklace or bangle if you buy it resale.

So, stop worrying about looking like everyone else.  You won’t.  You can’t.  Need help finding cool boutiques and resale stores?  Call me.  I’ll be happy to take you shopping!

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