With Thanks and Appreciation…

I hosted an appreciation party for family, friends and clients Wednesday night at the elegant and beautiful Tootsie’s in Dallas.  Tootsie’s graciously provided delectable bites, cheeses and sweets along with delightful white wines.  Everyone gathered from 6 – 8 p.m. to mix and mingle and to see the recently-arrived fall fashions.  I briefly covered fall trends using many of the fabulous offerings within the store for demonstration.

Tootsie’s generously offered a 15% discount to my guests for the evening, and my trends presentation seemed to whet my guests’ appetites for a new fall goodie.  I noted several guests departing the store with a new item to add to their closets.

Thanks, of course, to Tootsie’s store manager Julie and her staff for the delicious food and drink and highly professional service.  Thanks also to Courtney Edwards of Where Wear in the City for being my liaison with Tootsie’s and assuring the evening went off without a hitch.

The party goodie bags were to die for and I owe my thanks to several people for helping make that possible.  Thanks to Gary Walden of Neinast Salon who donated numerous hair care products and brushes, as well as thanks to Shea Boothe of True Beauty RX for her donation of deeply discounted microdermabrasion certificates for each bag.  Thanks, also, to M Salon owner Toni Malippa and her associate Kelly Hobbs for their donation of 20% off coupons for each goodie bag.  And thank you to Tootsie’s for supplying the bags as well as the water, a $25 gift card, mints and a note pad for each bag.

This party was not about me and it was not about fall trends.  This party was about my guests.  It was my thanks to them for supporting me over these last three years in my new career.  Without their encouragement, it would have been very difficult to make the leap from finance to fashion.  So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have made me feel like what I do is important and valid.  Your belief in me has given me confidence and strength.  You are, quite simply, THE BEST.

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