In a perfect world no one would judge us based on how we look, what we wear, or the color of our skin, eyes and hair.  But we know this is not a perfect world and humans are visual creatures, innately designed to make judgments based on external appearance.  I think some of this instinct was given to us with good intentions.  We can visually size up a situation and know whether or not it is wise to step in, participate, or walk away.  Certain people could harm us physically or emotionally, and we are sometimes able to identify those persons based solely on our visual instincts.

Unfortunately, there is no on and off switch for this instinct and we judge everyone we encounter based on their visual appearance.  Within seconds we determine whether we want to get to know the new person in the room, whether we are conscious of it or not.

95% of what people see when observing your physical appearance was bought in a store.  Very little of you is visible.  Your head, your hands, and perhaps a bit of your arms and legs are showing.  Otherwise, everything else has been carefully (or sometimes haphazardly) purchased to adorn your body.  I realize most of us wish we could be seen for who we are on the inside, but doesn’t it make sense that it is difficult for someone to see us for who we are when most of what they see are things you’ve purchased and placed on your body?

For that reason, it is paramount that you know HOW TO look like who you are.  Your goal is to mirror your inside with the image on the outside.  The first step is understanding your style statement.  You must identify the words that best describe you on a personal level and formulate a plan for bringing those words to life through your wardrobe choices.  Another important piece of the puzzle is knowing your most impactful and attractive colors.  Color is the first thing people notice about you.  When the colors you wear are in harmony with your body colors (hair, skin and eyes), you appear approachable, attractive and relatable.

Working with an image consultant to understand how to bring your inside to the outside is not vain nor is it exclusively reserved for the fashion set.  Working on your image simply demonstrates that you care about making the right impression every time every day.  Call or e-mail me if you would like to work on your 95%!

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