Finally – A Manicure That Lasts

Okay, I am a believer!  Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel truly works.  Ever since having my gorgeous twins 13 months ago, a manicure that lasted longer than 3 hours, much less three days, became a pipe dream.  Painting my nails became an exercise in futility unless you enjoy painting your nails every single day.  So, I gave up and the natural nail look became my signature. 

Not long ago I read about Revlon’s new color stay nail polish, but I was skeptical given my “chippy” experiences with ALL brands.  I have been a fan of Revlon’s ColorStay eye liner for many years.  Blackberry is my daily eye liner and it really makes my hazel eyes pop.  I am also a fan of the ColorStay lipliner, but I digress. 

Would you believe my first manicure lasted 5 – 6 days?  This was with one touch up on day 4!  I was floored.  Folks, this is nothing short of miraculous.  Do you have any idea how many times a mom of twins washes her hands each day?  Suffice to say, A LOT.  To have a manicure stand up under the handwashing, getting in and out of car seats, strollers, clothing changes, washing bottles, etc. is amazing. My second manicure lasted about 4 days, and I’m two days into my third.  So far so good. 

Let me tell you about the 3 fabulous colors I am using:  240 Amethyst is grape purple, perfect for you LSU fans out there, but also just a fun color to wear.  020 Pale Cashmere was my second manicure, soft almost white pink.  It is great if you prefer to stay neutral on your fingers.  Finally, I am presently wearing the aptly named 250 Rich Raspberry.  This one is my favorite.  It does not have any shimmer, which is a nice change, and it’s a super cute almost hot pink. 

I recommend buying the ColorStay base coat and top coat as they only guarantee the manicure to last if you use all three products.  I hope you have as much luck with it as I did.  Let me know!

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