The Dry Bar – My Experience

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to tell you about this great opportunity to love yourself by getting a fabulous shampoo and blowout at The Dry Bar which opened a location in Dallas last year.  I had been reading out The Dry Bar since its opening, but I had not yet ventured in. The thought of getting my hair washed, scalp massaged and hair blown dry made me salivate. Those sorts of treats are rare in a busy working mom’s world.  Alas, I saw a deal on Buyer 10 that was too good to pass up.  For $25 you get a shampoo, 10 minute scalp massage and a blow dry (regularly $45). 

I purchased this ‘hook up’ with little hesitation, and I went for my appointment on Wednesday, February 1.  Skyler was my divine stylist, and she had me looking like a well-rested, bouncy mama within an hour.  I can’t tell you how good I felt walking out the door knowing how good I looked!  The Dry Bar offers an array of blow dry styles, something for everyone. I chose the very simple ‘straight up’ which is pretty much a regular blow out with a little spring to the hair. 

Ooo-la-la, run don’t walk to The Dry Bar.  Let them show you what pampering feels like!

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