Seeing Double

As some of you know, on December 30, 2010 I became a mother to the most beautiful twin babies in the world, Nathan & Vivien.  Ever since their arrival, I have been seeing double, literally!  Double diapers, double laundry, double bottles, etc.  All this double vision got me thinking about style (only me, right?).  The past year of my life raising twin babies has been a little overwhelming.  Yet it has been manageable with the right guidance and support.

I encounter clients all the time who feel overwhelmed when they shop.  They may as well be seeing double when they walk in the store. The next time you feel as though you have too many choices and you want to walk out of the store, take a deep breath and remember this advice:

(1) Look at mannequins.  It is true things don’t always look the same on a ‘normal’ body as they do on a mannequin, but often you can get your starting point of inspiration from a mannequin.  Looking at mannequins helps you zero in on the area of the store where you can find items you like.  Simply ask a sales associate to show you where you can find the blouse, bag or whatever it is that is catching your eye.

(2) Consider the color.  Stores are full of color choices from bold to rich to pastel to dull to non-existent (black).  If you know the colors that are most flattering on you, you can immediately rule out at least half the store and skip over the items in colors that do not personally enhance you.  If you do not know your best colors, see me for a personalized color analysis.  Your personalized color fan is a time and money-saving tool you will enjoy for many years!

(3) Remember proportion.  Are you petite?  Don’t waste your time in regular missy sizes.  Vice versa if you are not petite.  Are you a Women’s size?  A missy 16 is different than a 16W.  For instance, at least two extra inches are added through the bust of a 16W jacket and blouse. 

(4) Remember your age. Are you over the age of 21?  If so, stop shopping in the junior department.  I know, the prices of junior clothing are tempting, but junior clothes are not made for the curves of a woman’s body.  Besides cheap accessories, you are going to find little (if anything) that suits you in the junior department.

(5) Shop the catalog first.  If all else fails, simply pick up a store catalog or look online before going to the store so you can take your time in the privacy of your home.  Then when you are ready, find a good sales associate to help you locate the items that caught your eye.

If all else fails, call the expert – me!  I’d be happy to help you navigate the maze of the mall and pinpoint the items that are best for your shape, your lifestyle and your personality.

1 thought on “Seeing Double

  1. Love these tips! I’m looking at my closet in a new light since having a baby. So few things I own work for a nursing mom and I want to add the right foundation pieces to my wardrobe instead of the eye-candy pieces I’m normally drawn to.

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