Day to Evening

How many times are you expected to go straight to an evening event from work?  It does come up for some of us occasionally, and it can be stressful trying to decide how to pull it off.  Never fear.  There’s no need for a complete wardrobe change in the bathroom at your office.  Consider these tips to make the process a lot easier:

(1)    Keep your outfit dark and monochromatic.  This might be the only time you hear me telling you to wear all black, chocolate brown, navy or some other dark neutral.  However, it is easier to appear “evening” when your look is dark, like the evening.  I am a big advocate of wearing sparkle during the day, and of course sparkle translates into “fabulous” for evening.  For those of you who can get away with it at your office, wear a black sequin tank top but play it down by wearing it under a black or charcoal gray jacket.  To play it down further, wear a solid colored scarf at your neck, which you can ditch once you walk out your office door at the end of the day.

(2)    Keep it simple.  Nothing looks more chic and pulled together for evening when your look is classically simple and unfussy.  Forgo the bows, ruffles, flounces and loud colors and patterns for another day.  Think sleek shell, fitted jacket and pencil skirt or trousers.  This is certainly appropriate for day at the office and it will effortlessly take you into the evening.  If your office dress code and event are more casual, exchange the skirt or trousers for your best dark wash dressy jeans.  Simply marvelous!

(3)    Amp up your makeup.  All you have to do to make your face look “evening” is to carry a black pencil eye liner and a rich lipstick in your makeup bag.  Simply line your eyes a little thicker for evening and swish on the lipstick. Voila, your face is instantly after-hours ready!

(4)    Add a dash of sparkle.  It isn’t necessary to do a complete exchange of all your jewelry for your event.  Just add a larger pair or earrings or a big cuff.  One item switched out or added is usually enough. Don’t forget to switch to a clutch, and if necessary, your shoes.  Simply take your ID, a little cash, your phone and keys and toss them in an evening bag that you’ve put in your car the night before, and slip your feet into your best “look at me” pumps.

There you have it.  Easy, right? Now try it and let me know how it goes!

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