Tan Safely at The Tan Bar

I am what my oldest brother calls “whiter than white.”  I’m not sure I’m THAT white, but I’m about as fair as you can get.  When picking liquid foundation at the drug store, for instance, I reach for the lightest shade, which is usually a good match.  Sadly, despite my fair complexion I tanned like a maniac in my youth.  Everyone did it at the time, but that’s no excuse for my stupidity.  Tan skin was “in” and I had to have it.  Unfortunately, all that tanning comes with a consequence. I have the freckles and sun damage to show for it.

Now I have seen the light (pun intended), and I no longer tan in the sun or in sun beds and I wear sunscreen every day.  I hope you do, too!  Did you know sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging cream on the market?  It’s true.  La Mer doesn’t want you to know.  Shhhh.  When I saw a deal come across Living Social recently for a full body spray tan, I jumped on it.  All spring and summer I like to bronze my skin with self tanner.  I still like the look of a tan on my skin when the mercury rises, and it saves you from being blinded by the reflection of my white legs in shorts.  I do all my tanning safely now, no more sun rays.

The place offering the deal is The Tan Bar, located on Cedar Springs near Oak Lawn in uptown.  I love the color it gave me, but here’s a tip… if you are planning to do anything the rest of the day, get the clear spray and allow the color to develop over the next 8 hours.  I got the bronze spray and it got onto everything.  Thankfully, my clothes washed clean.

I highly recommend The Tan Bar.  You have to be comfortable with someone spraying you down, by the way.  I was told to moisturize twice a day and to avoid exfoliating (no loofahs, no wash clothes, etc.).  So far so good.  On day 3 my “tan” is still looking great.  I hope you will step out of the sun and step into safe tanning from here on out.  Your skin will thank you!

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