Shop Right Where You Are

ImageThe most common reason potential clients put off working with me is, “I’d like to lose weight first.”  My response, “Life is happening NOW, not when you lose weight.  You deserve to look and feel your best right where you are.”  Consider this.  Denying yourself a nice outfit at your current size is a form of self-punishment.  You work too hard to do that to yourself!

Guess what?  When I check in with those people the following year, it is the same excuse.  So, year after year they deny themselves the right to look their best in the hope that “one day” they’ll be at their “ideal weight.”  What if that day never arrives?

I’ve always attested great style has nothing to do with your dress size or the size of your bank account.  Great style has everything to do with understanding how to dress your body and understanding how to communicate who you are on the inside through your clothing and accessories.

I had the pleasure of recently working with a client who despite being about 25 pounds over her “ideal weight” she decided to hire me.  I asked her why she was willing to buy new things when she wanted to lose weight.  She responded that she believes if she looks great in a modern, updated wardrobe at her current size, it would motivate her to take off the weight so she could have the clothes taken in.  Hello!  She was preaching to the choir.  I told her I wish she could convince others to follow her lead.  At the end of our work together, she feels the best she has felt in years, she looks the best she has looked in years, and she is receiving oodles of compliments from co-workers and friends who are so impressed with how fabulous she looks.

With a success story like that, you can imagine my frustration when I hear the weight excuse.  Argh!  It’s a hollow excuse.  I think there are other barriers standing in the way of our work together, and the weight excuse is the easiest one to verbalize.  Here’s a short list of excuses which are more difficult to admit: (1) I don’t deserve it, (2) I’m afraid of change, (3) I don’t think I can look any better than I do, etc.

So, what is REALLY stopping you from investing in yourself?  I cannot say it any better than Stacy London did on a long-ago episode of What Not To Wear: “You have to let go of whatever you were and allow yourself to become who you are.”

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