Build Up or Tear Down?

woman hugDallas, Texas has a bad reputation for tearing down its older buildings and building new ones rather than saving the historic structures and thus maintaining a semblance of the city’s history.  I am no architect or structural engineer, but I imagine it is sometimes much easier to level something and start again.  How about gossip?  Do you find it easier to speak about the bad things than the good things?  I just enjoyed a viewing of the Golden Globes last night with a dear friend, and we had a great time talking about the fashion hits and misses.  Admittedly, it was more fun to talk about the misses than the hits.  Why is that?  Does it make us feel better about ourselves to see someone else struggling or to see someone making a mistake?  We giggle to ourselves and pat ourselves on the back because we would surely never make such a mistake.  Right?

Let’s drink a big glass of reality and remember no one is perfect (ourselves, included).  We are all fighting a battle of one kind or another.  So, here is another challenge for the New Year, on top of the one I already gave you in my previous post:  choose to build up rather than tear down this year.  Don’t get pulled into negative talk (i.e. gossip).  It may seem innocuous to participate in an occasional “catty” conversation, but ultimately that kind of talk tears you down, as well as the person about whom you are speaking.  Negativity has a way of creeping into your life quite innocently, and before you know it you are looking at everything from a negative viewpoint rather than a positive one.

We look at the people who have more than we have, and we assume they live a happier, more comfortable life.  Those people may be the most unhappy people in our circle of acquaintances.  My point is to build up everyone, even those who seem to not need it in our eyes as you may be surprised to learn they crave it the most.  A simple compliment or word of gratitude is all you need to do.  You may never learn the impact your act of kindness has on their life.  That’s okay.  That isn’t why you are doing it.  The world has enough detractors and desperately needs more encouragers.  Are you with me?  Let’s build this year!

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