Spring 2013 Trends – The Exhaustive List

daisiesI create a marketing piece twice a year with the Fall and Spring Fashion Trends.  I pare it down to the top trends at the top of the card and then I leave lots of lines at the bottom for you to create your own shopping list, naturally!  I thought I’d share the full list of Spring 2013 trends in case you want to know all of them.  I have likely missed a few, so please feel free to comment and add the ones I’ve left off.  Also, I’d love to hear which ones you like and which ones you plan to wear or buy this season.

Spring is just around the corner!  Enjoy!

Themes: Western, 70s glam, 40s dresses, monochromatic dressing, color blocking

Colors: white, khaki, black, cobalt, emerald, basil, tangerine, primary colors

Color combos:  black & white; black, white & beige; white on white; white & beige

Prints: bold stripes, chevron, geometric, floral

Fabrics: tweed, lace, leather, sheer, floral, iridescent, fringe

Tops: tunics, cropped, lingerie, ruffles

Bottoms: a-line skirts, long skirts, Bermuda & evening shorts

Dresses: shirt and shift, 1940s silhouettes, sportswear

Jackets: trench, tuxedo, voluminous styles, geometric cuts

Extras: asymmetrical hems, big jewelry & snakeskin clutches

Shoes:  pointy toe flats, metallic wedges, Lucite heels, ankle strap heels

Makeup: winged eyeliner, bright lips, clean face, colored eye liner

Hair: low buns, tousled waves, sleek

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