The Parade of Easter Lilies

ManSpringSuitEaster Sunday is approaching, and I am always amazed at how many people turn out for church services.  It is THE “holiday” in the Christian faith.  Without a risen Savior there is no Christianity, right?  It makes me happy to see so many turning out for this uplifting celebration of Jesus’ triumph over the grave.  But let’s be honest, it isn’t the only thing we are focused on Easter morning, is it?  No, it isn’t.  Between hymns we are sneaking peaks at the hats, the shoes, the gloves, the dresses, all the finery others have adorned themselves with to partake in this most glorious of occasions.

I admit it, I love Easter fashion!  It takes me back to my childhood when it was the one time a year I could count on a pretty new dress.  If I were lucky, there was a new pair of shoes to go with it.  Why do we get all gussied up?  I guess in some way this is our response to the occasion, giving it the honor it is due.  Yet, by doing so it becomes a little bit about us and a little bit less about Him.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong thing to do here.  I think whatever puts you in the right spirit and mood for Easter worship is the right thing for you to wear.  Whether it is blue jeans or a new bonnet that makes you feel most comfortable and connected, wear it.  For many years I continued to buy an Easter dress, but in more recent years I have tried to find suitable pieces to wear that I already own.  Now that I am in the business of helping people make the most of what they have and buy only what they need, it feels like the more responsible thing for me to do.  Goodness knows as a born shopper I almost always own something to suit any occasion.

Happy Easter to all you beautiful Easter Lilies!  May it be a beautiful day of celebration and reflection wherever you are wearing whatever you like.

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