I’m Not A Fashion Person

FashionGirlSurprised? This isn’t something you would expect an image consultant to say, is it? It is true. I confess while I love to shop and I have always enjoyed clothes and jewelry, it was not until late 2007 when I began my image consulting career that I took much notice of the fashion industry. My fashion education prior to 2007 came from my monthly Elle subscription, and I am fairly certain I paid little mind to the designer names in the editorial section. Pre-2007, I’d never heard of COMME des GARCONS, Ann Demeulemeester, or Haider Ackermann (my current fav). I couldn’t have told you what a harlequin pattern looks like or what bespoke means. I studied finance in college and worked in that industry for 15 years. I think people are surprised when they know something I don’t know fashion-related. I’m not surprised in the least. Relatively speaking, the fashion industry is new to me. Since choosing this career, I have studied and trained extensively, so I can say with confidence I know what I’m doing. I’m loving every minute of my second career. I am a true lover of fashion now, and I suppose it is now okay to call myself a fashion person.

I got into this business because I wanted people to feel good about themselves and help them look their best, not because I felt a cosmic pull to the fashion runways. If you are thinking about working with an image consultant on your wardrobe, style and presentation, it is OKAY to not be a fashion person. You don’t even have to like shopping. Let me teach you what works well for you. Allow me to guide you through the sea of options. Image consultants know fashion so you don’t have to. If my computer breaks down, I take it to someone to fix it. I have no interest in learning how to fix it myself. Working on your image does not mean you will learn to love fashion or shopping. My sole requirements of a client are: you want to make a change, you want to look your best and you want to look like “you.” If you need help, call me! I am here to serve you.

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