Kendra Scott Gives Back

Bethany2013haircutI recently attended a fundraiser for a friend of a friend at Dallas’ Kendra Scott boutique in the West Village where I picked up the lovely yellow drop earrings I am wearing in this blog photo.  I am having a yellow moment to be sure.  Let’s see, so far I have picked up a pair of neon yellow high heel suede loafers, an oversized vegan sunshine yellow purse, a short sleeve scoop neck yellow t-shirt, wedge espadrilles with happy yellow fabric straps and said Kendra Scott earrings.

Upon my purchase at the store, my first acquisition of Kendra Scott by the way, I received a card detailing “Kendra Gives Back Parties.”  In short, they give 20% of sales proceeds back to your cause.  All you have to do is contact your local Kendra Scott store and they’ll take care of the rest.  How wonderful is that?  In a world that seems to be only about “me, me and me,” it is nice to know some companies still remember that without others, “me” wouldn’t be successful.

Not only do they do fundraisers, but Kendra Scott hosts company parties, school drives, philanthropic events and other social mixers.  Give them a call and see if the two of you can partner on your next event.

Let’s remember our blessings and our abundance.  Follow the example of Kendra Scott.  Live a life in service to others, and you will never go without.

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