Makeup – A Powerful Tool We Aren’t Using

makeup closeupThe American Economic Review did a study in 2010 that showed a makeup wearer makes on average 30% more than a non-makeup wearer.  Many similar studies have been conducted over the years, most reflecting a pay gap of 25 – 30% in favor of the makeup wearing woman over the non-makeup wearing woman.

Harvard University conducted a study in October 2011 in which women were judged bare faced and in various levels of makeup.  Makeup wearers were perceived as more amiable, trustworthy and competent.  Nancy Etcoff, assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, led the study and she started wearing more makeup after the results of the study were released.  Pre-study, she had generally worn only lipstick.  She said, “The effects were very strong.  Makeup really can boost the way people see you.”

So, why are some women still not using this powerful tool that is easily within their grasp?  I think for some, it is a personal style preference not to wear makeup.  They prefer to look and feel natural, and likely their past experience with makeup (if any) has made them feel unlike themselves (too made up).  For others, I think they don’t wish to spend the time on it.  To this group, I’d say a little time spent on makeup goes a long way.  It does not take much, and (as evidenced by the stats above), it makes a BIG difference in one’s salary and how you are perceived by others.

You’ve heard the stats about first impressions taking 5 – 15 seconds to be set.  What you may not know is the first three things people notice about us are (1) our face, (2) our hair and (3) our posture.  And our face is usually where someone looks first, and it is where people look the longest!  Makeup contributes a GREAT deal to a first impression.  Not only that, wearing makeup makes us feel better and it boosts our confidence.  If you are not presently wearing makeup, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

I think some women don’t know where to start.  They’ve been to makeup counters, and they’ve walked away looking like a harlot version of themselves, not at all desirable.  Let me help.  I am a trained makeup artist, and I enjoy showing women how to look like the best version of themselves in makeup, no wild colors or severe anything.  You still look like you but somehow amazingly better.

Allow me to show you one of my favorite before and after photos.



My client felt very pretty and confident after our session.  I teach you as we go, so you are able to recreate your look at home.  Call or e-mail me to set up an appointment.  Your salary literally depends on it!

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