Pinterest – What Is Your Purpose With It?

home pg getty imageI admit I am rarely on the early side to sign up when the latest social media websites pop up. By the way, are we calling Pinterest a social media site? It is so fun, I can’t decide. Less than a year ago I was told by a friend about it, and not more than a few days later, it was mentioned to me again. So, that’s how it got started, and now I am hooked. I have created 17 boards holding a grand total of 1,446 pins as of the time of this writing. It will no doubt have climbed by the time you check my Pinterest page.

At first it started as pure fun for me, then I realized this could be a powerful educational tool for my image consulting business. I often hold images in my mind of what sorts of things I believe my clients would like to buy for their closets; however, the last time I checked, none of my clients are mind readers. Therefore, I have created a number of boards with my client in mind including: Creative Office Attire, Great Basics, Favorite Beauty Products, Personal Styles and Makeup. Coming soon, I would like to create several boards with body shapes in mind so I can show you how to attractively dress your shape, as well as boards for vertical body styles such as the petite woman, the tall woman, and those with long legs/short torso and vice versa.

The uses of Pinterest are limitless. For instance, I could see this being useful for gift-buying and giving. You could send your “Wish List” board to your significant other and keep your fingers crossed! I’d love to hear from you. In what ways are you presently using Pinterest and how do you see it assisting you in the future? In the past, I’ve asked my clients to create a Style Book of images of things they love prior to our image and style evaluation. Now, they are showing me their Pinterest boards. Future, here we are! Thank you, Pinterest!

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