Taking Your Image From College Girl To Woman

young womanI was recently asked by Angie Schuller Wyatt, award winning author of a book and blog by the same name, God and Boobs, to write a short piece about transitioning one’s image from college to career while maintaining one’s youthful appeal.  You can view the post on her blog here.  However, I thought I would also share the full text of my contribution below for my many (ha!) blog subscribers.  This is a common issue, one I experienced when leaving college, so I am grateful to Angie for raising the question so I could properly address it in print.  I hope you enjoy it!

As you wave goodbye to your college alma mater, degree clutched tightly in your hands, you have high hopes and expectations for your future.  However, as you stare into your closet surveying your wardrobe, you are dismayed to find it is not filled with the things one would associate with a woman poised to conquer the world.  Since you know image matters and a first impression is of the highest importance, you are in a quandary.

Never fear, I have three simple steps to conquering this very common wardrobe dilemma:

(1) Shop Differently.  In other words, buy your grown woman clothes from stores you used to bypass in college.  For the most part, you will not find nice career clothing where you buy “disposable” casual and/or party clothes.

(2) Acquire Quality Classics.  Start collecting the classics such as a leather handbag, closed-toe heels, a white blouse, a LBD and a trench coat.  Buy the best quality you can afford as these items, when purchased well, will last you 10+ years.  These pieces are investments.

(3) Brand Yourself.  How would you describe your style?  How do you want to be known in your career?  What are the words you want people to say when you walk in the room?  Write your answers and from there make a list of 4 – 5 words that best describe you and your brand. Then start dressing like it.  If you are concerned about looking too old, be sure your wardrobe includes color, patterns and quality accessories.  Accessories finish outfits, and the right ones keep your look youthful, fresh and modern.

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