Michelle Obama – Bad Choice vs. Good Choice

MObamaDressI have not the first idea what it feels like to have my every move and my every fashion choice scrutinized, so it is with some hesitation that I critique First Lady Michelle Obama’s choice of the wisteria print Tracy Feith dress she has worn repeatedly since the 2009 inauguration.  However, I feel my critique of our gorgeous First Lady serves a greater purpose of educating my audience on proper style and color choice.  When I saw a photo of Mrs. Obama wearing this dress at an appearance in May of this year at Willow Springs Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia, it was the first time I have laid eyes on it, and I was aghast.

Let’s begin with the style of the dress starting with the sleeve length.  What many find most amazing about Mrs. Obama’s physique are her incredibly shaped arms.  While I do not propose that one go around exposing her guns at every opportunity, I do think a better choice for her is either a cap sleeve, just longer than cap sleeve, a full length or a 3/4 length sleeve.  This half sleeve length is awkward.  It is neither short-sleeved nor long, and it completely covers her famed upper arms.  If you are going to completely cover her arms, go with a longer sleeve.  Otherwise, I would have suggested she cut the sleeve length a good 4 – 5 inches.  Only women with bad upper arms need wear this length.

Further, I find the gathered neckline of the dress, the pleated sash and the full, pleated skirt to be a bit junior for her and much too many pleats overall.  The sash fits well and it gives her a small waist; however, the full skirt in this swishy fabric creates too much volume around her hips.  Please do not get me started on this wisteria print.  I realize prints are very personal choices, so it’s hard to criticize her, but since she is a very modern lady, this literal print seems to clash with that part of her.

Finally, the colors in this dress are ghastly on her.  A woman with her coloring needs brighter, more true, saturated tones.  She should not go within 20 yards of a gray or anything gray-toned.  The combination of the grayish green, grayish purple, soft black and off-white are so blah, blah, blah on her, and she’s so not blah, blah, blah.

MObamaRedAs a comparison, I want you to see our First Lady in a sleeveless red pleated dress.  What a difference!  As you can see, it is a much more modern take on a pleated dress in a much more flattering color and shape for her.  Don’t you agree?  So, with all due respect to Tracy Feith (wherever he is) and to Mrs. Obama, I hope this is the last time she wears the wisteria print dress.  She has much better options in her closet starting with this gorgeous red number.  If Mrs. Obama favors a literal print, I suggest she do it in smaller doses.  How about a wildly colored floral print high heel pump with the red dress next time?  That I would love to see!

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