Forgive Me For I Have Shopped

JCP FindsLess than two weeks into my “no shopping for 6 months” pledge, I have shopped.  Wow.  I really DO love to shop, don’t I?  I have asked you to share with me what you are buying because I want to live through you during my shopping drought.  However, it seems I was a touch too tempted by one of my friend’s recent finds.  It was simply a basic solid v-neck t-shirt by Joe Fresh at JC Penney that was recently marked to $3.99, a steal for a quality cotton t-shirt.  I thought of a few t-shirts in my closet that had recently developed holes in them, so I justified a t-shirt purchase as “nearly necessary.” I found a lovely bright pink t-shirt and a melon colored one, as well.  Goodbye to two holey t-shirts in my closet!  I felt perfectly fine about this purchase, but not about what was to come… *sigh*

Amongst the t-shirts on the clearance rack sat a green and white gingham button up shirt in my size softly calling my name.  It was the only one of its kind on the rack, and it seemed in need of a good home.  Oh, dear, what’s a shopaholic girl to do?  It looked so fresh, cute and summery when I slipped it on over my tank top, and I thought of all the cool street style snapshots I have been seeing on Pinterest of gals in their cotton gingham shirts and shorts.  The Joe Fresh gingham shirt was marked to $10.99 from $19, but I knew a great price still did not justify the purchase.  So, I am here to tell you I have broken my “no shopping” pledge just shy of the two-week mark.  I can comfort myself with the fact that my shopping total came to less than $21 with tax, hardly a shopping binge.  Therefore, I am back on the no shopping bandwagon, recommitting myself to not shop ANY MORE.  Here I go again!

To be sure, not shopping is harder than I thought it would be, but I am not defeated.  I simply got tripped up, blinded momentarily by soft green and white cotton.  Have a happy weekend, readers.  Thank you for stopping by.  Do enjoy a bit of shopping if you have time.  There are still some great deals on summer goods to be had.

3 thoughts on “Forgive Me For I Have Shopped

  1. The desire to shop gets to the best of us. 🙂 Six months is definitely a long time to commit to no shopping. Have you thought about something easier, like 2 months or 30 days?

  2. Must Have Boxes August 16, 2013 — 6:12 pm

    Nice shirts!

    – KW

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