No Shopping Update

shoppingbagsWell, dear readers, it has been a short while since I made my confession of breaking my six month no shopping pledge 1-1/2 weeks into the pledge, and I am happy to report I am staying the course.  Yes!  I must admit, however, I have not stopped shopping completely.  While I am not presently adding to my wardrobe, my mindset has shifted to those little “essentials” I said I would allow myself.

In the time since my last confession I visited DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse in Preston Center with a little coupon in hand and I purchased:  (1) two pairs of house slippers (I had to trash a pair of worn out slippers recently), (2) a pair of low heel wedges for work (replacing a pair I wore out and tossed) and (3) a package of athletic socks (the toes of mine are wearing thin now that I am working out again).  This was hardly a bank-breaking purchase, much like the one in my aforementioned confession, as everything I purchased with the exception of the socks was on clearance.  So, yes, I bought again, but everything I purchased replaced items that were wearing out and on their way out.  I feel okay about that.

I am not feeling a pull to shop as I did when I made the pledge a month ago, so perhaps I am getting over the hump?  One can hope so. Staying out of the stores is my best defense, which is hard to do when you shop with clients for a living.  Alas, as long as I keep my focus on my client and off of things I want, I should be fine.

I hope you had a wonderful short work week.  Enjoy your weekend!  Perhaps it includes shopping?  I certainly hope so!

1 thought on “No Shopping Update

  1. If only it weren’t so easy to shop online….

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