The Modern/Chic Dresser

I think women are greatly confused when they shop for clothes.  There are a plethora of colors, styles and fabrics.  Where does one begin?  It is difficult to know where to start unless you know your brand (aka your personal style).  Therefore, I’d like to profile the most common personal styles in my blog over the course of 7 posts in the hopes that it helps you find your personal style so you can better identify which items are right for you.  Let’s begin with the Modern/Chic dresser.

The Modern/Chic Dresser stays on top of trends and is willing to wear unconventional items.  She can match unrelated garments and patterns and still appear pulled together and chic.  She enjoys layering clothing, and she looks for pieces that have unusual construction or unexpected details.  She likes clean construction and current shapes, textiles and colors.  Her clothes fit her impeccably.  She understands accessories complete an outfit, and she likes the latest in shoes, bags and jewelry.  Her makeup and hair are carefully managed but not fussy.  The Modern/Chic Dresser appears powerful and assertive, and her wardrobe is always changing and moving forward.  I’ve put together a collage of items in Polyvore, which I think embody the Modern/Chic dresser.ModernChic

By the way, once I have profiled the 7 most common personal styles, you may find you identify with one, two or a few of them, and that is okay.  You are complex, and I would expect you to be a mixture of styles.  Let me know what you think of the Modern/Chic dresser.  Do you know anyone who fits this profile?  If you’d like to discover your personal style, let me know.  It’s one of my specialties!

5 thoughts on “The Modern/Chic Dresser

  1. Hmmmmmm – let me see, wonder if this is me?? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! But – it is great and I loved reading this – which is most definitely YOU!!!

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