The Creative/Artistic Dresser

Let’s continue our study of the style personalities by discussing the Creative/Artistic Dresser.  She puts together things in ways that are unexpected and interesting.  She loves mixing high and low (vintage pieces with designer wares, for instance). While she doesn’t take style too seriously, she is serious about expressing herself through her image.  She prefers less constraint (as in she is not much for rules), and she likes mixing hard and soft fabrics.  Unusual construction and details catch her eye, and any pieces she owns that are “ordinary,” she styles with other pieces which are intriguing to elevate the common piece. 

She enjoys mixing colors and patterns in fun ways, which may look haphazard on the surface, but they somehow “work” together.  Her accessories are funky and often one-of-a-kind finds from boutiques or vintage/thrift stores.  Her hair is carefree and sometimes experimental, and her makeup is bold or soft depending on her mood.  The Creative/Artistic Dresser is fun and funky, and her wardrobe inspires others to get out of the box.


I put together a set on Polyvore to show you pieces I think a Creative/Artistic Dresser would be drawn to.  However, there are many different creative types, so I don’t expect this set to appeal to all Creative/Artistic Dressers.

CreativeArtisticDo you know a Creative/Artistic Dresser?  Are you one?  If you’d like to find out, let me know.  I’d be happy to help!

2 thoughts on “The Creative/Artistic Dresser

  1. I’d like to think this is me :). Fun picks, Bethany!!

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