The Feminine/Romantic Dresser

Oh, this category of dress is one that many women fall into, at least in small part.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful dress or a skirt now and again?  The true feminine/romantic loves to dress up and she enjoys softly-structured clothing.  She prefers light to medium color depth and low to medium color contrast.  She loves floral prints, as well as a ruffle, lace, appliqué and bows.  She is often drawn towards draped garments and/or semi-fitted styles, and she favors skirts and dresses over jeans and pants. Her hair is softly styled, tousled or curled.  Her makeup is soft and pretty, leaning towards rosy shades.  The Feminine/Romantic Dresser is drawn towards retro handbags and her shoes usually have a rounded or pointed toe box with dainty heels.  She appears graceful and refined, and her wardrobe is tasteful, while reflecting a celebration of the feminine form.

Here is a set I created on Polyvore which I think embodies this dresser.


Do you spot something here you love?  I certainly do!  Let me know what you think of this set.  Have a great week!

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