The Dramatic Dresser

Let’s continue our study of the 7 most common style personalities.  The Dramatic Dresser enjoys standing out in a crowd, and she loves experimenting with her personal style.  She prefers a tailored to tight fit and smooth fabrics.  Shine and shimmer appeal to her, and she chooses fashion over comfort any day of the week.  If a shoe hurts but it looks fabulous on her, she will wear it anyway.  She likes big, bold patterns and high contrast.  She enjoys bright colors and dark neutrals.  Her accessories are generally large scale and weighty.  She is meticulous with her appearance, and she loves to experiment with new makeup trends and the latest hair styles and hair colors.  The Dramatic Woman appears daring, and her wardrobe is never dull.

Here is a collage I created on Polyvore that I believe embodies the Dramatic Dresser:

DramaticDo you know a Dramatic Dresser?  I have a touch of this in my personal style, but interestingly, I shun dramatic situations in my personal life.  I guess I like to keep my drama in my clothing!  Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!

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