The Elegant Dresser

I am covering the most common style personalities to assist you in identifying your unique personal style.  First, I profiled the Modern/Chic Dresser.  Next, I presented the Creative/Artistic Dresser, followed by Feminine/Romantic Dresser.  Earlier this week, I gave you the Dramatic Dresser.

Now, let’s discuss the Elegant Dresser. The Elegant Dresser has very expensive, refined taste.  Her clothing is made of fine fabrics like cashmere, silk, buttery leather and fine wool.  Every piece of her clothing is tailored to perfection.  She favors lighter neutral colors like champagne, beige and camel, and when she wears color it is generally a solid.  She favors designer brands and most of the styles she wears have a classic, timeless quality.  Her hair is controlled and her makeup is neutral.  Her jewelry includes genuine pearls, diamonds and other precious gems, and she loves the best handbags and shoes.  The Elegant Dresser appears rich and poised.

I created a collage on Polyvore to show you how I see the Elegant Dresser:

ElegantYou may know an Elegant Dresser, and chances are she is either a very successful business woman, or she has no need to work at all.  I do not consider myself to have this style, but I do covet a few of the accessories in this collage.  Do you know an Elegant Dresser?  Are you one?  Do tell.  Have you found your style in these profiles yet?  Thank you for reading!  Have a happy weekend!

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