The Classic Dresser & The Natural Dresser

To avoid delaying this study of the 7 most common style personalities any further, I am going to cover the last two in one post: the classic dresser and the natural dresser.

The Classic Dresser is drawn towards neutral colors, traditional prints and simple styles.  She prefers semi-fitted and tailored clothing, quality fabrics and a coordinated appearance.  She does not generally follow trends, although she adopts trends once they become a classic.  She does not take unnecessary risk with her appearance and she prefers to be noticed for her elegant manner rather than for her wardrobe.  Her makeup is neutral and her hairstyle is well-managed, and she rarely makes changes to either.  She likes conservatively-styled bags, shoes and jewelry.  The Classic Dresser’s wardrobe is somewhat formal, as well as polished, timeless and sharp.

Here is a set I created on Polyvore which I believe captures the look of the Classic Dresser:

Classic Dresser

The Natural Dresser keeps her look simple and organic.  She enjoys her own beauty to shine through with little embellishment.  She favors a relaxed fit and natural fabrics.  Comfort is very important to her.  If she wears pattern, it often replicates one found in nature.  She also prefers “nature” colors or neutrals.  She is not greatly concerned with her appearance, and she spends little time on her hair and makeup.  She likes easy care fabrics.  The Natural Dresser appears relaxed, and her wardrobe shuns complexity.

Here is the set I created on Polyvore to demonstrate the look of the Natural Dresser:

NaturalAs I said in the first post, you can be a mixture of these personal styles or perhaps you give your style a completely different name from the ones I have featured.  For instance, my style recipe is feminine, dramatic, unexpected, artistic.  If you look across the personal styles I have featured, I believe my personal style most embodies a blend between the modern/chic dresser and the dramatic dresser, but I have chosen for now not to give my style the modern/chic title.  Maybe later.  We’ll see.  That’s the beauty of one’s personal style.  You can call it anything you like as long as you know what it looks like to you.

If you need help discovering your style recipe/personal style, call me.  I’d be delighted to help you solidify your brand.  Thanks for reading.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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