Banish The “Old Lady” From Your Style

I am often asked about age-appropriateness.  It is difficult to pinpoint because it varies from person to person.  What is appropriate for this 45-year old woman may not be appropriate for another.  However, I think I can tell you definitively what not to do in terms of looking old and out of touch.  After all, regardless of one’s age, we need NEVER look old.

Here are my top rules for keeping your look out of “Old Lady” territory:

(1) Break up sweater sets – never wear a sweater shell with its companion cardigan.  Try a patterned top under a solid colored cardigan.  Alternatively, a blazer over a shell looks smart.

(2) Stop doing matchy-matchy – for example, do not match your earrings to your necklace, bravely wear navy and black together and introduce a new color through your accessories.

(3) Wear the right size – over-sized clothes scream “retirement home.”  Know your size and buy it.  Have a garment tailored to fit precisely.  Baggy clothes are frumpy!

(4) Accessorize – modern shoes, bags and jewelry keep your image on-trend. Period.

(5) No long skirts – skirts that hit two inches below your knee and longer look matronly and dowdy.  Shed pounds and years by keeping your skirt length near your knee.

(6) Simplify – garments with a lot of volume, ruffles, bows and other fussy details are aging.  Garments which are sleek and simple, yet current, are slimming and age-appropriate.

(7) Mix trends and classics – wearing all classic head-to-toe looks “old lady.”  Toss in a few trends that suit your personal taste and style to keep your look fresh.

Here is a set I created on Polyvore to demonstrate my point:

ChicCurrentNow go to your closet and start mixing it up.  You have a wealth of outfit combinations in there.  Need help?  Call me.  Outfit-making is one of my favorite things to do with my clients!  Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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