Bad Combos? Pink & Green and Orange & Black

One of my wonderful readers said he dislikes pink and green in combination and orange and black. I agree, those are difficult color pairings which are best avoided in most cases. However, since I’m not one to say “never” in most cases, I set out to create two Polyvore sets with these colors together. What do you think? Are they a hit or a miss?


To be fair, I think the pink & green he was referring to was petal pink with apple green. That does sort of take me back to being five again.  In this outfit, the pink is just about purple and the green is sea foam.  It is quite a lovely color pairing to my eyes.  What about yours?  The orange and black outfit works because the jeans are charcoal rather than jet black, and the orange of the blouse is sheer and it is broken up by a plethora of white polka dots.

Throw another forbidden color combo at me, and I’ll see if I can crack it.  Thanks for reading, and thank you for your comments and shares!  Have a happy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “Bad Combos? Pink & Green and Orange & Black

  1. The gold and khaki you referred to interested me. I have a pair of camel (which could be construed as gold) colored pants that I have been guilty of wearing khaki with. Is it THAT bad?

    1. I forgot my friend said he dislikes gold and khaki. I’ll have to work on that one. I would have to see the tones to know whether your pieces clash or work. I have a pair of camel pants, and I act like they are brown and put them w/everything I would brown. Khaki would not be my first inclination. Camel goes great with just about any color of blue, green, red and looks really sharp with white or black.

      1. The pants are from Banana Republic, the skinny ones that came out this season. I wore it with a sweater from there that I felt like “matched” and a tan tank underneath – thinking I was working the monotone look. I thought it was fine at home, but the more I wore it, the more I started second guessing myself. Then that same week, I swear, I saw that post, and I thought “Doh!”

  2. I bought those pants this past fall, too! Funny! I was thinking you were probably doing the monochromatic look pairing it w/tan or khaki. The tricky thing is khaki changes color depending upon lighting, so it may have looked great in your home or at the store, and then it’s another story when you walk outside. ; ) I’ll work on a gold and khaki set and see if I can come up w/something good.

    1. Awesome! I’ll keep my eyes peeled 😉 Thanks for all you do. You are such a blessing!

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