A Beaver with a Six-pack

IMG_0505.JPGOn our way to their school each morning, I drive my twins through an interesting part of West Seattle called White Center. We enjoy a variety of artistic murals along our route, which boost the look of an otherwise fairly run-down section of town. One mural in particular has us scratching or heads. My son Nathan announced one day as we drove by it that he didn’t like “that guy with the tooth.” To be honest, I did not know to what he was referring. On my drive home, I made a point of looking, and there he was.  I started laughing. What in the world is he?  I finally determined from the prominent teeth and the flat tail (which took me a while to decipher) that he is a beaver. Why this beaver is in such excellent shape and working construction with no shirt on is beyond me.  But there he is. Sometimes I like to tease Nathan as we drive by saying, “There’s your favorite guy, Nathan.”  Of course, he always protests with a little smile on his face (he’s in on the joke).

Besides the beaver, here are a few others we see…


9:00 a.m. in the blazing sunlight was obviously not the right time of day to shoot this, but at the same time, I kind of like the imperfection of the light pole shadows going across it and the girl walking by on her way to school.

Here are a few more.


I find this last one particularly interesting and cool.  It is messier looking than the others, but I think that is one reason I like it so much.  The rich colors of these art pieces are captivating, and they definitely brighten our mood on days when it is otherwise gray or raining.  Thanks for taking a peek.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!—Bethany Siggins


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