The Hallmark of Great Style


It has been said that fashion is what you buy in the store and style is what you do with it.  Each person has her unique interpretation of what she purchases.  But what separates the nice dresser from the amazing dresser?  I’ll tell you what it is: attitude.

A woman with great style has a wardrobe that celebrates the woman she is today, regardless of her weight or her shape.  She may not love everything about her construction, but she accepts herself just the same.  One cannot be confident and stylish without self-acceptance.

A woman with great style never says, “I’ll shop for new things when I lose 10 lbs.” That type of self-punishment is defeating and baseless. She knows she is an amazing, unique work of art, and she acknowledges that she deserves to have beautiful things she loves right now.

A woman with great style does not keep pieces that do not work into her lifestyle.  She may adore a sparkly handbag at the shop, but if she does not imagine a suitable occasion for it, she does not buy it.  And, she does not allow pieces to occupy space in her wardrobe that remind her of the woman she was.  A woman with great style is forward-looking, not backward glancing.

With self-acceptance comes a shift in your attitude. A shift in your style follows suit. So, let’s start celebrating ourselves, shall we? That is where great style begins!—Bethany Siggins

2 thoughts on “The Hallmark of Great Style

  1. Carinthia Kishaba February 25, 2016 — 4:08 am

    This was lovely Bethany and I’m posting it 🙂 xo

    Thank You, Carinthia Kishaba Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry Carinthia@CoutureRocks.Biz

    1. Thanks so much, Carinthia. It means a lot to me. 🙂

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