Just Naturally Be Yourself – JNBY Lands in Seattle

IMG_0493Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Chinese New Year celebration at the relatively newly-opened store JNBY in Seattle’s Pacific Place, a premier shopping, dining and entertainment center featuring Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors, Barney’s, J. Crew and others.  Prior to attending the festive soiree, I strolled through the store on a recent pass through Pacific Place.  I was intrigued since the brand was unknown to me, and the cutting-edge designs I saw in the windows drew me inside.

IMG_0492Thankfully, my admiration did not stop at the windows. Many wonderful fashion-forward pieces inside the clean, ultra modern space caught my eye. To my delight, I found it very well-priced for the quality of the fabric, the construction and the unique designs.  This, I would later learn, is one of the cornerstones of the JNBY brand: they desire to be a brand which is accessible to many people while creating unique, innovative designs for the most discerning fashion followers.

During the party, I spoke with Mr. Min Lin, director of SightClassic LLC, which is the general distributor for JNBY sales and operations within the U.S. He carefully explained the brand encourages clients to express their individuality through their clothing, while the JNBY design team always strives to learn and to remain curious about fashion design and our world. Mr. Lin, when speaking about the spring 2016 collection, explained it was inspired by space, and I saw definite signs of the inspiration in the collection (here is one example from Pacific Place’s Instagram feed).

The store staff is very friendly, gently urging clients try on pieces as they must be worn to be fully appreciated. I wisely refrained for fear I would love them too much to pass up.

While the Pacific Place store is the first in the U.S., JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) is not a new company having begun in Hangzhou, China in 1994.  The brand now boasts over 700 stores across China, Russia, France, Japan, Canada and now the U.S. Having the only U.S. store in Seattle is quite a fashion coup for the city, one of many I hope.

As an image consultant, I am always on the lookout for lines and designs which respectfully push fashion boundaries. Discovering JNBY has me doing a happy dance!IMG_0496

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