Tidying Up in 2019


Remember when you were assigned to read a book in school, and rather than read it, you bought the Cliff’s Notes? Oh… that was just me?! I have always been a slow reader. To make matters worse, I take three magazines, and I enjoy reading a few blog posts. So, when it comes to books, it can take me a very long time to finish one.

Last year, I resolved to read more books, and I did! It feels great to say I’ve read something from the New York Times Best Sellers list… though it could be a book that hit that list three years ago. Better late than never, I say.

One such book I finally read this year is “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. It was translated into English in 2014. Netflix created a show based on the book, which debuted on January 1, 2019. That’s when I decided I should read it, after allowing my copy to gather dust for three years. I knew clients would start asking me questions about her methods, and I better have answers. What I could not have predicted is how much the book spoke to me personally.

Most of you know I help clients purge and organize their wardrobes, create outfits from their best pieces and shop for items that should be added. For this reason, I have taken my own advice and whittled my wardrobe to my favorite things. However, I have allowed a few “not quite loves” to remain in my closet as my rational thinking told me I may need it one day. Well, Marie set me straight on that.

What I learned in her book is too much for a blog post, so I created two podcasts to cover the best bits. Consider it your Cliff’s Notes!

In episode three of my podcast, I shared some of the deeper wisdom from Marie’s book, which was quite unexpected to me. The book goes far beyond how to tidy. Marie addresses why we allow clutter in the first place and the two main reasons we find it difficult to decide whether to keep or discard an item. I cover these in my podcast.

In episode 4, I talk about her tips on how to discard and how to organize what is kept, mostly as it pertains to your wardrobe. I also talk about a discovery Marie made as her clients went through the tidying process, which I think you will find fascinating.

Each episode is about eight minutes long, short enough to fit into a ride to the store or a coffee break at work. Be sure to subscribe to my podcast so you don’t miss a single episode! I promise to always keep them short and sweet.

My podcast, Bethany Says: Beauty, Style & You, is available here:






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I believe Android users can find me on Google Podcasts using my podcast name. Can I get an Android user to search for it and let me know?

Have a marvelous week, and let me know what you think about her advice!




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