What’s Happening on My Podcast

It’s hard to believe we are in the thick of summer! I am now 16 episodes into my podcast Bethany Says: Beauty, Style & You, which I launched with my first episode on February 19. I have enjoyed it. When I launched my podcast, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with my audience in a quicker way. As anyone who writes a blog knows, the entire process of publishing a blog post is lengthy from writing it to finding relevant photographs to formatting it, and so on. Also, I felt it was important for my audience to hear my voice. It’s one thing to read my words, and something else entirely for you to hear me share what is on my mind and heart.

If you’ve followed along from the beginning, you have likely noticed I have become more relaxed. In my first podcast, I was quite nervous, and you can hear it in my voice. That’s okay. I like it because it shows I am growing through this process and improving.

Here are a few of latest episodes:

Episode 12: Driving Out Fear. In this 10-minute episode, I share about my own struggle with fears and a revelation about fear I recently learned.

Episode 13: What is Courage? This 8-minute episode builds slightly onto the fear episode, offering encouragement to do the things that might be frightening you.

Episode 14: Where is your Focus? In this episode, I talk about the things we focus on that hold us back, and I ask you to focus on the good that can come from doing the things you have not yet started. As always, I use myself as an example throughout.

Episode 15: Why I am For Dress Codes. This is part 1 of 2. We see a lot of push back when a dress code is enacted. In this podcast, I talk about some recent dress code controversies and I make the case for embracing dress codes rather than pushing back, as long as the dress code moves with the times.

Episode 16: Dress Codes Aren’t the Enemy. I conclude my talk on dress codes in this 9-minute podcast where I share the letter that was written to the Notre Dame school newspaper called “The Legging Problem.” In this episode, I challenge my listeners to not see dress codes as something that works against you, but, rather, something that keeps us on track in our life, keeping us mindful of what works and what doesn’t in different scenarios.

Thank you to my faithful listeners! If you have not been listening in, the good news is you can catch up quickly because each episode is 10 minutes or less. I keep them short so you can fit them easily into your life.

You can find my podcast, Bethany Says: Beauty, Style & You, on Anchor (where I create it), Apple, Spotify, PocketCastsRadioPublicBreakerOvercast and Google Podcasts. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

Next up on the blog: My Discoveries in Costco Apparel.

Thank you for reading (and listening!).

Photo of me by Christina Childress.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening on My Podcast

  1. STEPHEN KELSEY July 10, 2019 — 2:00 pm

    Hey. Thanks for the links. Will definitely check it out!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I really appreciate the listens! Let me know any topics you would enjoy me covering.

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