My Date With Drew Barrymore

IMG_1825Okay, I am exaggerating about having an actual date with Drew Barrymore.  I wish I had.  I did, however, enjoy a lively Q&A with her, along with a few hundred other Drew fans, last Saturday evening at The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle.  Drew is on a 10-city tour to promote her new book Wildflower, which is filled with personal stories (aka essays).  She is quick to note this book is not a memoir.  Drew said she felt “memoir” is too heavy a word for what she wanted to do with this book.  It is worth noting, Drew had no plans to write a book; however, she said these stories were begging her to be told.  Thus, she wrote these select stories over a span of several months, shutting herself in a room to concentrate.

I have long admired sweet Drew starting with her role as Gertie in E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (1982) at the tender age of 6.  I do not know why I was initially drawn to her as a 10-year old myself.  I just was.  Now that I am an adult, I can say I like her spunk, her honesty and her authenticity.  What you see is what you get with Drew.  She isn’t contrived.  Throughout the interviews of her I have seen over the years, I find her to be kind, thoughtful, empathetic and sensitive.  On the other hand, she is also strong, determined, hard-working and self-effacing.  That is a dream set of personal characteristics if you ask me.

The moderator for the evening, writer/director Lynn Shelton, emerged for the Q&A in a short black dress and patterned tights, trailed by Drew in a long-sleeved black top and a long floral skirt (signature Drew style!).  Drew quickly made light of their polar-opposite outfits by hiking up her skirt to her knee and flicking her long, wavy hair over her shoulder.  Lynn asked Drew a handful of questions to which Drew followed with 10+ minutes of lively answer to each.  By the time it came to the audience questions, Drew agreed to do a speed round to get through all of them, truncating her usual long-winded answers by 75%.

Throughout the evening, Drew was a great sport, highly animated and very funny.  It could not have been a better way to spend a cold, rainy night in Seattle, and it certainly raised my love for Drew to a higher level (if that is possible).  Drew signed books after the Q&A, but the audience was asked not to take any photographs at the book signing.  Thus, I have no selfies with Drew to share with you.  It was a thrill to meet Drew as she signed my book, which basically entailed me smiling at her and her smiling sweetly back at me. I kind of blew my chance to make an impression.  Ha!  Thanks for a fabulous evening, Drew. xo

Tory Burch “In Color”

ToryJessicaTory Burch, known as much for her love of the color orange as for her sporty flats and dreamy caftans, has released a gorgeous coffee table book today, “Tory Burch: In  Color” about her 11 favorite colors: orange, blue, green, purple, pink, red, yellow, white, black, natural and gold.  I was blessed to meet Tory last week and have her sign the book, which is being released today.  Last Friday afternoon at the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas, Tory was joined by her friend Jessica Alba (actress and founder of The Honest Company) to discuss the book and other topics of interest including how she balances motherhood and a career, and the roundabout path she took in starting her namesake company.

Tory considers herself a late bloomer having only started her wildly successful company 10 years ago.  Tory departed a career on the rise with LVMH to stay at home with her three young boys.  Four years later, she started her company because she felt there was a need for high-quality, affordable clothing and accessories.  She certainly hit the mark!  However, she said she was not an overnight success, spending many of her first two years on the phone with her Hong Kong operations until 3:00 a.m. her time.

Tory was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania with three brothers.  Her parents Buddy and Reva (for whom Tory named her first flat) who would leave Tory and her brothers with family to take six-week worldly vacations, returning with various exotic souvenirs.  In addition, Tory’s childhood home entertained many “overnight” guests who invariably would stay long past their expected departure dates.  As as result of this unique upbringing, Tory’s aesthetic reflects an appreciation for diversity, one that is decidedly multicultural.

I greatly enjoyed the event, hosted by American Express, and I am very appreciative to my dear friend Peg Baird for allowing me to be her plus one!  Pick up a copy of the book, even if you are not familiar with Tory or her company.  I think you will find the content, including many beautiful photographs, to be highly inspiring and a lovely addition to your library.  Tory sees the world in color, and I think we all should!