A Beaver with a Six-pack

IMG_0505.JPGOn our way to their school each morning, I drive my twins through an interesting part of West Seattle called White Center. We enjoy a variety of artistic murals along our route, which boost the look of an otherwise fairly run-down section of town. One mural in particular has us scratching or heads. My son Nathan announced one day as we drove by it that he didn’t like “that guy with the tooth.” To be honest, I did not know to what he was referring. On my drive home, I made a point of looking, and there he was.  I started laughing. What in the world is he?  I finally determined from the prominent teeth and the flat tail (which took me a while to decipher) that he is a beaver. Why this beaver is in such excellent shape and working construction with no shirt on is beyond me.  But there he is. Sometimes I like to tease Nathan as we drive by saying, “There’s your favorite guy, Nathan.”  Of course, he always protests with a little smile on his face (he’s in on the joke).

Besides the beaver, here are a few others we see…


9:00 a.m. in the blazing sunlight was obviously not the right time of day to shoot this, but at the same time, I kind of like the imperfection of the light pole shadows going across it and the girl walking by on her way to school.

Here are a few more.


I find this last one particularly interesting and cool.  It is messier looking than the others, but I think that is one reason I like it so much.  The rich colors of these art pieces are captivating, and they definitely brighten our mood on days when it is otherwise gray or raining.  Thanks for taking a peek.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!—Bethany Siggins


Tory Burch “In Color”

ToryJessicaTory Burch, known as much for her love of the color orange as for her sporty flats and dreamy caftans, has released a gorgeous coffee table book today, “Tory Burch: In  Color” about her 11 favorite colors: orange, blue, green, purple, pink, red, yellow, white, black, natural and gold.  I was blessed to meet Tory last week and have her sign the book, which is being released today.  Last Friday afternoon at the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas, Tory was joined by her friend Jessica Alba (actress and founder of The Honest Company) to discuss the book and other topics of interest including how she balances motherhood and a career, and the roundabout path she took in starting her namesake company.

Tory considers herself a late bloomer having only started her wildly successful company 10 years ago.  Tory departed a career on the rise with LVMH to stay at home with her three young boys.  Four years later, she started her company because she felt there was a need for high-quality, affordable clothing and accessories.  She certainly hit the mark!  However, she said she was not an overnight success, spending many of her first two years on the phone with her Hong Kong operations until 3:00 a.m. her time.

Tory was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania with three brothers.  Her parents Buddy and Reva (for whom Tory named her first flat) who would leave Tory and her brothers with family to take six-week worldly vacations, returning with various exotic souvenirs.  In addition, Tory’s childhood home entertained many “overnight” guests who invariably would stay long past their expected departure dates.  As as result of this unique upbringing, Tory’s aesthetic reflects an appreciation for diversity, one that is decidedly multicultural.

I greatly enjoyed the event, hosted by American Express, and I am very appreciative to my dear friend Peg Baird for allowing me to be her plus one!  Pick up a copy of the book, even if you are not familiar with Tory or her company.  I think you will find the content, including many beautiful photographs, to be highly inspiring and a lovely addition to your library.  Tory sees the world in color, and I think we all should!

Casual Presentation Outfit

A client recently asked me, “I am giving a presentation to a group of single parents who will be dressed casually.  How should I dress to appear polished yet approachable and relate-able?”  Great question!  Anyone who has worked with me knows I am a big believer in the “third piece” to create a finished look.  The third piece can be a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan or a statement accessory like a belt or a large necklace.  When giving a presentation, a third piece is crucial, regardless of your audience.  It helps you appear more “in the know” and credible.

For a casually-dressed audience, I suggest the speaker dress in soft fabrics, approachable colors and casual styles of top, bottom and third piece.  If you have had a custom color analysis done with me, you know your approachable colors.  I suggest wearing your light neutrals, as well, for a slightly more relaxed look.  Dark neutrals like black, charcoal and navy are somewhat intimidating and are more appropriate for presentations to professional groups.  Your light neutrals are also pinpointed in a custom color analysis.  I am a big believer in jewelry to complete a look and pull it all together.  Just be sure your jewelry is on a smaller scale to make it less noticeable and not as likely to be distracting to your audience.  Wearing your best colors or metallic colors by your face is a great way to keep the audience focused on you.

I created the following set on Polyvore to show you one way this person could dress for her presentation.  While the sweater I chose for her is a dark blue, it is made in a sheer fabric and does not appear as dark as a navy blazer would.  As you can see with this ensemble, nothing is distracting, yet it is pulled together, approachable and modern.  The light neutrals offset nicely against the blue.  Do you think this look is appropriate for a casual audience?

Casual PresentationOne more tip about your appearance:  if you polish your nails, polish them in a light neutral like Revlon ColorStay Bare Bones. Your audience will follow your nails if you wear a dark or a brightly-colored nail polish, and they will not hear your message.  Good luck to my client on her presentation!

Spring 2013 Trends – The Exhaustive List

daisiesI create a marketing piece twice a year with the Fall and Spring Fashion Trends.  I pare it down to the top trends at the top of the card and then I leave lots of lines at the bottom for you to create your own shopping list, naturally!  I thought I’d share the full list of Spring 2013 trends in case you want to know all of them.  I have likely missed a few, so please feel free to comment and add the ones I’ve left off.  Also, I’d love to hear which ones you like and which ones you plan to wear or buy this season.

Spring is just around the corner!  Enjoy!

Themes: Western, 70s glam, 40s dresses, monochromatic dressing, color blocking

Colors: white, khaki, black, cobalt, emerald, basil, tangerine, primary colors

Color combos:  black & white; black, white & beige; white on white; white & beige

Prints: bold stripes, chevron, geometric, floral

Fabrics: tweed, lace, leather, sheer, floral, iridescent, fringe

Tops: tunics, cropped, lingerie, ruffles

Bottoms: a-line skirts, long skirts, Bermuda & evening shorts

Dresses: shirt and shift, 1940s silhouettes, sportswear

Jackets: trench, tuxedo, voluminous styles, geometric cuts

Extras: asymmetrical hems, big jewelry & snakeskin clutches

Shoes:  pointy toe flats, metallic wedges, Lucite heels, ankle strap heels

Makeup: winged eyeliner, bright lips, clean face, colored eye liner

Hair: low buns, tousled waves, sleek