Zelda Zonk Consignment – West Seattle

IMG_0582I am fairly new to Seattle (just over one year), and even newer to West Seattle (11 months).  I have always prided myself with being a great shopper, and, in particular, being a savvy bargain shopper.  My previous home, Dallas, TX, is not only a mecca of wonderful shopping but also a gold mine of consignment and second hand shops.  So, it was my great delight to discover Zelda Zonk Consignment on California Avenue in the Admiral District of West Seattle on a recent drive by. The shop opened in mid-June of 2015, culminating a long-time dream of shop owner Carrie Zimney to have her own boutique.

IMG_0586Once I stepped inside, I knew I had found one of my spots.  The racks are stocked with quality brands like Vince, Tory Burch, J. Crew, Halogen and DVF in near mint condition. Carrie is friendly and helpful, yet not at all pushy or sales-y.  Much of the space utilizes recycled materials, going hand-in-hand with the consignment concept of clothing recycling.  Carrie recently opened up the back room of the shop, which upon my most recent visit was well stocked with designer jeans and jackets. Overall, the shop is well organized, which if you have shopped at consignment shops as much as I have, you know is not always the case.

IMG_0576I recently consigned with Carrie, and she makes the process easy. She sets an appointment for you to bring in your clean, current items, and she lets you know what she is taking and where she is pricing it while you wait. You can track your sales and credit online, and whatever does not sell by the end of your consignment period is donated to a worthy non-profit organization unless you otherwise arrange for pick up.


Carrie is currently accepting items for spring, which means the fall/winter inventory is being marked down. Now is the time to jump on great deals for next season! Here I am on Instagram modeling a couple of stylish layering pieces I spotted on my last visit. While these items may no longer be available, you can be assured Carrie has many things in-store that are covet-worthy. As always, if you would like assistance finding pieces that are right for you, I am at your service. Happy bargain hunting!—Bethany Siggins

Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style

I was fortunate enough to have recently viewed many works of the great fashion designer Mr. Oscar de la Renta at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.  The exhibit, Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style, was open to the public from July 19 – October 5, 2014.  Putting things off until the last moment is my modus operandi.  Thus, I waited until the last week and a half to see the exhibit, and my goodness I am glad I did.  In fact, it was so nice I saw it twice.

I was naturally fascinated by the designs Mr. de la Renta created for the first ladies Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush, and I was dazzled by the wedding gown he designed for Jenna Bush, along with the gorgeous white ensemble he designed for Laura Bush for George W.’s second swearing in ceremony.  Of course splendid creations worn on various red carpets were in abundance, and there were several gorgeous caftans from early in Mr. de la Renta’s career.  In short, to pick a favorite piece is impossible.  I’d die to have any of them.

Below is a sampling from the exhibit.  Sadly, Mr. de la Renta died last week at his home in Connecticut the age of 82 after battling cancer, which had been in remission for several years.  A private funeral is planned at a Manhattan church on November 3.  His departure leaves a gaping hole in the fashion community.  Mr. de la Renta’s talent, humility, humor and love of life and women made him inimitable.  He will have many imitators, no doubt, but there will never be another Oscar.  Thank you, Mr. de la Renta for your courage and for showing us how to truly live.

IMG_5186  IMG_5247 IMG_5255


No Shopping For Six Months

shopping8Last week I documented my end of summer sale finds, and my favorite places for doing so in Dallas.  The adventure continued when I visited Elements this past Saturday for yet another round of summer sale scavenging.  Crazily, I took my 2-1/2-year old twins with me, and my shopgirl Stevie and the sales staff could not have been sweeter to play with them while I shopped… and I bought.  All of this shopping has been great fun, and I have added many lovely pieces to my wardrobe the last 6 weeks.  However, I have gone well beyond my limits, and I must put my foot down on myself.  Yesterday, I told two of my friends I will not shop for myself for six months (other than for essentials, naturally).  Can I do it?  I hope so.  I have no choice, to be honest!  I realize this means nothing new during the holiday season, not even after Christmas sales.  But I am not concerned.  How is one to enjoy what one has if they are always acquiring the next new thing?

Over the past several years, I have assembled a nice wardrobe of things I love, things that communicate my brand and make me feel supported and fabulous.  This is what I want for my clients, and I am merely taking my own advice.  Yet, there comes a time when one has enough.  Now the fun begins, actually, because I can test my outfit-making skills, devising interesting combinations with my wonderful wardrobe.

Outfit-making is one of my favorite things to do for clients.  It falls under my closet audit / wardrobe review service.  Most clients are amazed at the number of options they have that they never considered and would not have put together on their own.  I look forward to doing this for myself and casting a blind eye to the 2013 fall collections (at least where my own wardrobe is concerned).

You may have noticed I excluded “essentials” from my shopping moratorium.  What is an essential anyway?  If nail polish isn’t an essential, I’ve already broken my promise this morning.  I was trying to find an OPI polish called Fly from the 2012 Nicki Minaj collection, a cool matte teal I’m sporting on my toes from a recent pedicure.  I justified the purchase because I love the color and I want to replicate it on my own since pedicures may be beyond my budget for awhile.  I did not find Fly, so instead I picked up a glittery teal, also by OPI, called Yodel Me On My Cell from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection.  I must be very wary of my “essential” purchases, else I will make the drug stores very rich over the next six months and negate the benefit of my “no shopping” pledge.

So, there you have it, my promise to not shop for six months, no shoes, no jewelry, no clothes.  I will keep you posted on my progress, and I hope you will help me stick to my guns.  I would like to apply some restraint on my twins’ wardrobes, as well.  I daresay they are much less excited about a new piece of clothing than I am.  While I am on my shopping hiatus, I will live vicariously through my clients and you.  Let me know what you’re buying.  I’m dying to know!