Why I Allowed My Daughter To Cut Her Hair

IMG_7936About two months ago, my six-year old daughter asked to have her shoulder-length hair cut like her brother’s hair (quite short). I waited a few weeks before making the appointment for her, periodically checking to see if she still wanted to do. Yes, she was firm. I talked her away from Nathan’s super short cut, however. My advice was to do a more feminine style: a pixie like Michelle Williams. IMG_7961I showed her a few photos on Pinterest. She liked them and agreed.

I am in the business of helping people refine their personal image. It is my job to make sure my clients look like who they are and what they do. My daughter is a tomboy and she hates me to do anything with her hair (no pony tails, no braids, no barrettes, etc.). While a pixie is amazingly well-suited to her face shape and bone structure, it is also the perfect cut for a sensible, slightly boy-ish young lady!

I asked my personal hair stylist, Julianna of Bocz Salon (photographed below with Vivien), to do the cut. I didn’t trust anyone else to do it. Great success! The cut is so easy to wash and style. And best of all, no tangles for me to comb (my daughter is quite tender-headed).  Vivien has been skipping around, super happy with her new haircut. She has loved it from the start.

Here is what I hope Vivien takes away from this experience.

IMG_7975Do what you love. This applies to the career she will one day pursue, the clothing she will buy and the updates and changes she will make over the years to her image. Do not worry what others think. Make up your own mind and go for it.

She is in charge of her image. Vivien is free to express herself through her personal image. While I still play the role of her mother, protecting, guiding and teaching her, she can make image choices for herself. I may not agree with all her choices, but she has the power to make them!

Change is good. Vivien has always resisted most new challenges. This is not something she was taught. It is simply in her DNA. However, now that she has experienced a dramatic image change that made her very happy, I hope she will understand that change is a part of life, and many changes are good ones.

Here is what I took away from this experience: I am very proud of my daughter. She is smart, strong and very capable. While she has received a little bit of negative feedback on her new look from a couple of peers, she stands firm in her choice to cut her hair. She loves it, and I love her.

IMG_7973Brother Nathan was less than interested in what was happening.

IMG_7990Vivien made a sweet new friend before she left the salon.

What image change would you like to make? Let me know in your comments!

My best,


All photos are my own.


It’s Just Hair

hairAre you tired and perhaps a little bored with your image and style these days?  Sometimes the issue isn’t with your clothes.  How long has it been since you switched your hair style, color or length?  If it has been more than 5 years, it is time for a change!  Your image gets stale and outdated not just through clothes but also through how we do our hair and makeup.

Now that spring is springing, it may be time to call your hairdresser and tell him/her you are ready for a change.  Cut it all off if you want.  Here’s a little tip:  it grows back!  If you are timid, try taking just an inch or two off the length to give your hair a boost and a lift.  The hair at the bottom gets frazzled and needs a good chop now and then to remain looking fresh and healthy.  As the temps rise, this is the perfect time to try a shorter do.  If you don’t like it, it will be grown out by the fall when the mercury drops again.

As my title suggests, you should not take this change too seriously.  On the one hand, a change to your hair makes a big impact on your image, but on the other hand, it is not a permanent change if you do not wish it to be.  Keep in mind, our eyes get used to seeing ourselves a certain way especially after several years.  Therefore, please give yourself at least a month to evaluate whether this change is right for you.  I have sat in the salon chair before and thought, “what have I done?’ only to change my mind later and decide, “I love it!  It’s just the change I needed.”

You might not be able to afford new clothes or accessories right now, but by gosh you can probably pony up for a hair cut (pun intended)!  Go for it and let me know how it goes.  I’m rooting for you to mix it up this year and try new things.  Why are we here if not to have a little fun now and then?  Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read my posts.  I truly appreciate each of you!

Valentine’s Day Hint for the Fellas

valentineOkay, guys, I’m making it simple for you.  If you want to make your lady smile on Valentine’s Day, give her a gift of pampering, whatever her favorite pampering treatment may be.  Flowers and chocolates are nice, but the flowers wilt and the chocolates might not fit within her New Year’s diet.

Lately, my favorite pampering treatment is a shampoo and blow out at one of Dallas’ finest blow dry bars such as Drybar and The Hair BarDrybar offers just shampoos and blowouts, and The Hair Bar offers updos and makeup applications in addition to shampoo and blow outs.  I cannot tell you how much I wish one of these bars had been in Dallas when I was pregnant with my twins 2-1/2 years ago.  I would have been in there every week treating myself!  So, if your lady is pregnant or has been going through any other physically challenging season, you simply MUST get her into a pampering chair of some sort pronto!

So, that’s it.  Pretty simple, right?  Write me and tell me how happy and excited your girl was on Valentine’s Day when she opened your gift of pampering.  I bet you she won’t soon forget your thoughtfulness.  You don’t have to tell her I gave you the idea.

Threading – Have You Done It?

ImageA couple of weeks ago, I attended a Girls’ Night Out at Dry Bar in Dallas, which I told you about a few weeks ago in a post.  Dry Bar is no cuts, no color, just blowouts for only $35.  Add a 10-minute scalp massage, and it’s only $10 more.  It’s heavenly, but I digress.  Whilst I was at said GNO, I witnessed Suki of Arch by Suki doing threading on some of the party goers.  My girlfriend who was in need of brow shaping sat down for her first threading experience.  It was amazing to watch.  With super sharp accuracy and incredible quickness, Suki used a twisted thread to remove the stray hairs along my friend’s brows.  I had heard of threading, but I’d never witnessed it. 

The thing I love about threading is how quick it is, less painful than wax, and certainly more natural than applying hot wax to your face and ripping it off.  Right?!  I’ve always wondered what I was doing to my skin when I waxed.  Suki said the hair removal lasts longer, too, because of the way the hair is removed by threading (even better than tweezing, she said).  I think I’m going to start doing threading instead of waxing. 

So, what do you say?  Have you done threading?  What do you think?

The Dry Bar – My Experience

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to tell you about this great opportunity to love yourself by getting a fabulous shampoo and blowout at The Dry Bar which opened a location in Dallas last year.  I had been reading out The Dry Bar since its opening, but I had not yet ventured in. The thought of getting my hair washed, scalp massaged and hair blown dry made me salivate. Those sorts of treats are rare in a busy working mom’s world.  Alas, I saw a deal on Buyer 10 that was too good to pass up.  For $25 you get a shampoo, 10 minute scalp massage and a blow dry (regularly $45). 

I purchased this ‘hook up’ with little hesitation, and I went for my appointment on Wednesday, February 1.  Skyler was my divine stylist, and she had me looking like a well-rested, bouncy mama within an hour.  I can’t tell you how good I felt walking out the door knowing how good I looked!  The Dry Bar offers an array of blow dry styles, something for everyone. I chose the very simple ‘straight up’ which is pretty much a regular blow out with a little spring to the hair. 

Ooo-la-la, run don’t walk to The Dry Bar.  Let them show you what pampering feels like!