Day Nails and Spa – West Seattle

ToesI have been desperate for a pedicure for weeks now, maybe since the start of spring.  The move from Dallas to Seattle not only took a toll on my emotions but also my feet.  They have been screaming for pampering.  Finally, I had to pull the trigger.  I needed a pedicure, and I needed it NOW.  Enter, the wonderful people of West Seattle to help me out.  I posted a question on a Facebook group called West Seattle Giving Tree, asking where to get a good pedicure.  And, boy, did the recommendations come rolling in!  So many choices, so little time.

The response gave me an idea!  I have been so busy settling my family in the northwest, that my business (Bethany Siggins Image Consulting) has taken a back seat.  I may not have many clients presently, but the least I can do is blog about my experiences in my new hometown!

That said, let’s get on with my first review.  Today I visited Day Nails and Spa (9444 35th Ave SW, just north of the intersection of 35th and Roxbury).  It is a tidy little place with four pedicure chairs and two nail stations, along with a spa room for other services like waxing and eye lash extensions.  I was the first customer of the day at 9:15 a.m. (they open at 9:00 a.m. Monday – Saturday).  Tina was the only employee there, sweeping and getting the spa ship shape for the day.

PolishShe directed me to the second chair after I chose my toenail color (OPI’s A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, a fabulous orange that isn’t too bright).  After establishing the service I wanted (a deluxe pedicure, competitively priced at just $30), Tina made me an iced Vietnamese coffee.  Oh, how delicious!  I noted the 70’s music playing on the speakers (not too loud).  A little Earth Wind and Fire always makes me smile.

Tina was very courteous, asking me my name and telling me hers.  The pedicure started with a powder treatment in the water which she made sure was a temperature to my liking. The deluxe pedicure includes an exfoliating scrub of the feet and calves, along with a deep conditioning mask on the feet and calves, which she covered with warm towels for a short while.  This was followed by the standard massage of the feet and calves, which was not rushed and just the right pressure.

A little more than an hour later, I was on my way with very happy feet and a relaxed body thanks to the massage chair.  All in all, I like this little shop, and I recommend you visit it for a change of pace from the larger, louder establishments.  If possible, go in the morning when it is most quiet.  I did not make a reservation; walk ins are welcome.  On your 10th visit, you receive $10 off.  By the way, a standard mani/pedi combo is also $30, a real bargain if you ask me.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!  Thanks for reading!  And happy spaing!

Fall Trends 2014

OrangeDoorAt the end of each summer I produce a card of fall trends, a reference of the biggest trends of the season, in anticipation of fall fashions which begin hitting the stores at about that time.  I simply love fall fashion, the rich colors, the textured fabrics and the beautiful leather goods.  To me, fall fashion is worthy of investment.  Trends come and go, but if you purchase wisely (read: not too trendy) and you take care of your things (yes, pay attention to care instructions), your investments will last you several years (at the least!). 

If you love something but cannot afford it, look for the best version of the knock off or scour vintage stores for something similar.  As you know in fashion, everything old is new again, so it is quite possible what you love has been done before in a previous decade.  One fall I really wanted a moto jacket, but I did not have the budget for a leather jacket.  So, I purchased a pleather version and wore the heck out of it.  A few years later, I got the real thing.

My fall 2014 trends card does not cover all the trends, so below is an extensive list .  If you would like a trends card and a couple of extras for friends, message me.  I would be delighted to send them to you!

Colors:  cobalt, steel, dark red, moss green, pastels, orange and jewel tones

To see a list of the Pantone fall 2014, click here.

Fabrics: shearling, leather, tweed, knits, fur, metallic and velvet

Prints/Patterns: plaid, abstract, color blocking, patchwork and diagonal lines

Oversized: coats, collars on coats, dresses, sweaters (including turtlenecks) and pants

Office:  midi skirts, pant suits, sharp blazers, pin stripes, menswear and neck tie blouses

Details: feathers, accordion pleats, fringe, sequins, western and puffy sleeves

Top layer: ponchos, capes, varsity jackets, bombers, blanket coats and fur-trimmed parkas

Bags: bucket, totes, jeweled clutches and fur top-handle handbags

Shoes: sneakers, flats, ankle boots, brogues and ankle-strap heels

Beauty: ponytails, braids, oversized buns, colorful cat eyes, nude and berry lips and nude and Bordeaux nails

Whew, I probably missed a few, but not many.  If you need assistance finding what suits you, call me.  I love making the shopping experience quick and easy.  I especially enjoy helping people find pieces they would have never considered if they had shopped on their own!  Happy Shopping!

Casual Presentation Outfit

A client recently asked me, “I am giving a presentation to a group of single parents who will be dressed casually.  How should I dress to appear polished yet approachable and relate-able?”  Great question!  Anyone who has worked with me knows I am a big believer in the “third piece” to create a finished look.  The third piece can be a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan or a statement accessory like a belt or a large necklace.  When giving a presentation, a third piece is crucial, regardless of your audience.  It helps you appear more “in the know” and credible.

For a casually-dressed audience, I suggest the speaker dress in soft fabrics, approachable colors and casual styles of top, bottom and third piece.  If you have had a custom color analysis done with me, you know your approachable colors.  I suggest wearing your light neutrals, as well, for a slightly more relaxed look.  Dark neutrals like black, charcoal and navy are somewhat intimidating and are more appropriate for presentations to professional groups.  Your light neutrals are also pinpointed in a custom color analysis.  I am a big believer in jewelry to complete a look and pull it all together.  Just be sure your jewelry is on a smaller scale to make it less noticeable and not as likely to be distracting to your audience.  Wearing your best colors or metallic colors by your face is a great way to keep the audience focused on you.

I created the following set on Polyvore to show you one way this person could dress for her presentation.  While the sweater I chose for her is a dark blue, it is made in a sheer fabric and does not appear as dark as a navy blazer would.  As you can see with this ensemble, nothing is distracting, yet it is pulled together, approachable and modern.  The light neutrals offset nicely against the blue.  Do you think this look is appropriate for a casual audience?

Casual PresentationOne more tip about your appearance:  if you polish your nails, polish them in a light neutral like Revlon ColorStay Bare Bones. Your audience will follow your nails if you wear a dark or a brightly-colored nail polish, and they will not hear your message.  Good luck to my client on her presentation!

Finally – A Manicure That Lasts

Okay, I am a believer!  Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel truly works.  Ever since having my gorgeous twins 13 months ago, a manicure that lasted longer than 3 hours, much less three days, became a pipe dream.  Painting my nails became an exercise in futility unless you enjoy painting your nails every single day.  So, I gave up and the natural nail look became my signature. 

Not long ago I read about Revlon’s new color stay nail polish, but I was skeptical given my “chippy” experiences with ALL brands.  I have been a fan of Revlon’s ColorStay eye liner for many years.  Blackberry is my daily eye liner and it really makes my hazel eyes pop.  I am also a fan of the ColorStay lipliner, but I digress. 

Would you believe my first manicure lasted 5 – 6 days?  This was with one touch up on day 4!  I was floored.  Folks, this is nothing short of miraculous.  Do you have any idea how many times a mom of twins washes her hands each day?  Suffice to say, A LOT.  To have a manicure stand up under the handwashing, getting in and out of car seats, strollers, clothing changes, washing bottles, etc. is amazing. My second manicure lasted about 4 days, and I’m two days into my third.  So far so good. 

Let me tell you about the 3 fabulous colors I am using:  240 Amethyst is grape purple, perfect for you LSU fans out there, but also just a fun color to wear.  020 Pale Cashmere was my second manicure, soft almost white pink.  It is great if you prefer to stay neutral on your fingers.  Finally, I am presently wearing the aptly named 250 Rich Raspberry.  This one is my favorite.  It does not have any shimmer, which is a nice change, and it’s a super cute almost hot pink. 

I recommend buying the ColorStay base coat and top coat as they only guarantee the manicure to last if you use all three products.  I hope you have as much luck with it as I did.  Let me know!

Interpreting The Trend: Beige Nails

You can’t open a beauty blog or magazine these days without seeing the latest craze in nail polish: the gray/beige nail. This trend was started by Chanel for the Spring 2010 runway with a color they call Particuliere #505.  Other nail polish lines have followed suit with their copycat versions, including OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.  I have resisted the trend mostly because the shade would not flatter me.  However, I have recently discovered a cafe au lait color I adore and plan to wear all spring and maybe into the summer.  It is OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona.  I am modeling it here for your viewing pleasure (wink).  Barefoot in Barcelona does not have the drama of Chanel’s Particuliere; however, it is the right shade for me and it pairs perfectly with my springtime fashions.

In my New Year’s newsletter, I gave you 5 style resolutions, one of them about interpreting the trends. This is the perfect example of interpreting a trend. I am putting my own twist on the spring’s funky neutral nail polish to suit my personal style.  Dish…  What will be your go-to nail color this spring?