The Parade of Easter Lilies

ManSpringSuitEaster Sunday is approaching, and I am always amazed at how many people turn out for church services.  It is THE “holiday” in the Christian faith.  Without a risen Savior there is no Christianity, right?  It makes me happy to see so many turning out for this uplifting celebration of Jesus’ triumph over the grave.  But let’s be honest, it isn’t the only thing we are focused on Easter morning, is it?  No, it isn’t.  Between hymns we are sneaking peaks at the hats, the shoes, the gloves, the dresses, all the finery others have adorned themselves with to partake in this most glorious of occasions.

I admit it, I love Easter fashion!  It takes me back to my childhood when it was the one time a year I could count on a pretty new dress.  If I were lucky, there was a new pair of shoes to go with it.  Why do we get all gussied up?  I guess in some way this is our response to the occasion, giving it the honor it is due.  Yet, by doing so it becomes a little bit about us and a little bit less about Him.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong thing to do here.  I think whatever puts you in the right spirit and mood for Easter worship is the right thing for you to wear.  Whether it is blue jeans or a new bonnet that makes you feel most comfortable and connected, wear it.  For many years I continued to buy an Easter dress, but in more recent years I have tried to find suitable pieces to wear that I already own.  Now that I am in the business of helping people make the most of what they have and buy only what they need, it feels like the more responsible thing for me to do.  Goodness knows as a born shopper I almost always own something to suit any occasion.

Happy Easter to all you beautiful Easter Lilies!  May it be a beautiful day of celebration and reflection wherever you are wearing whatever you like.

Pregnancy Chic

Readers, please welcome my dear friend Deborah Hill to the blog.  Deborah is one of the most fashionable persons you’ll meet.  To top it off, she also manages to look chic even while pregnant.  I asked her how she does it?  Here’s what she had to say.

Dressing chic during pregnancy is very easy, actually.  The key is to NOT dress like you’re pregnant.  In other words, dress your normal style in an accommodating size.  If you do not normally wear mumu dresses or baby doll tops, pregnancy is not the time to experiment with those looks.  They may result in a much frumpier look than you intended.  If your casual style is t-shirt and jeans, then look for the same, in larger or maternity sizes that will fit your growing belly. Preferably, look for a t-shirt that is generous in the belly but close fitting everywhere else rather than one that has elastic or tie strings in the back with a swing hem. That could result in a tent like silhouette, shortening and widening your frame.

For a dressier look, black is very flattering.  A simple black top and black pants/leggings/skirt can be the base of many outfits by alternating jackets that you already own.  Wear your jackets over the basic black column you have created, although the jacket may no longer button or zip.  Wear it open as a great statement piece and it will slenderize your frame.  If you worry about being cold because the jacket doesn’t close in the front, wrap yourself in a pretty, colorful scarf to fill the open area.  This look will be much more flattering than a maternity coat, which could make your frame look bigger all around.

Although it sounds logical to think that you “could” wear some of your maternity clothes after the pregnancy, it’s not likely that you will.  So, don’t invest too much in a maternity wardrobe.  High heels are generally not recommended for pregnant women (although some women continue to wear them) because your growing belly alters your center of gravity, and it could be dangerous if you become off balance.  Therefore, a really great pair of comfortable flats with a feminine flair that can be dressed down or up will be well worth the investment!

Choose your maternity pieces wisely.  Comfort is key!  If you can attain comfort AND look chic by following these simple guidelines, you will feel confident in your style.  That feeling is priceless.

Pile It On

What do you own a lot of?  You can easily identify one of your “style signatures” simply by identifying what you own the most of in your wardrobe.  For me, a style signature is most definitely ACCESSORIES.  I love them!  I’m never without an interesting bauble or shoe or handbag.  Since I continue to acquire new jewelry and purge very little of it, I find I am not able to wear each piece as often as I’d like.  My solution?  PILE IT ON.

I enjoy layering jewelry, and there is no better time to do it than now.  Statement jewelry continues to be a very big trend, one I am more than happy to follow. But even when it’s not a trend, I will still do it!  I have lots of fun jewelry to go around and only so many days in the year to wear them.

You know that tip by Coco Chanel about taking off one accessory before leaving the house?  Rubbish.

Perhaps piling on clothes or accessories doesn’t fit with your personal style.  Not a problem.  The points I want to make are (1) become aware of your style signature and (2) WEAR it.  Make a habit of rotating through your style signature pieces.  If you love scarves and have quite a few, don’t wear the same few over and over.  When you wear one, put it aside and go to the next one.  Build an outfit around one if you must.  That’s what one does with style signature pieces.  Put a new scarf on your handbag each day. Think of new ways to show them off.

There is no point in having wonderful things in your wardrobe if you aren’t going to wear them.  Your assignment is simple: identify one of your style signatures and start making it part of your look every day.